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The Kroll estate: One of the largest glassware collection we have ever seen! We started selling this collection last year and continue to sell it today. Over 600 boxes of glass from 1 house! I would venture to say over 10,000 lots of Depression, Carnival and American Glass! This collection sold well past it's original estimate of $30.000!

The Rickel estate: The best collection of quality glassware & porcelian we have ever sold from one collection. Mrs. Rickel was a collector and dealer from Margate City, NJ. She only bought the best from priviate collections to other major auctions! Her collection contained quality makers such as Tiffany, Durand, Quezal, Galle, Loetz, Vandermark, Limoges, KPM, Miessen, and the list went on! Over 1200 lots were sold grossing over $100,000

The Lindstrom estate: Being the oldest house in Milltown, NJ, and once a Dairy Farm proved to have many antique treasures all around! Many of the Antique furnishings were several generations handed down! The top lot of this estate was a Victorian bookcase selling for an impressive $6500! Also from this collection was a set of 5 Victorian chairs for $2000. Many other primitives to the farm were sold bringing this estate well over $10,000. 

The Tepper Estate: Bertram Tepper, of Tepper Department stores from Plainfield, & Short Hills, NJ had an outstanding collection of Antiques and heirlooms! He is the last of 5 sons by Max Tepper, founder of this turn of the century business. While packing the items for the auction we came across a safe in the office closet. It was filled like a treasure chest of over 150 pieces of quality jewelry and old rare American coins! This collection estimated at $25,000-$35,000 ended up selling for close to $70,000! The first phone call to come into Bodnar's office was to clean out the house and empty it not realizing they had a small fortune in there hands!

The Catherine Webster Home: These facilities were located in one of Plainfields historic neighborhoods. It has served as a residence for elderly woman for close to 100 years. This 50+ room Victorian home is jam packed with quality furniture, Artwork & light fixtures. We were commissioned by the YWCA to sell the contents of this historical home. Several highlights from this estate were a signed LJ&G Stickley sofa selling for $4250.00, a early Chippendale tilt-top table for $2000.00, a sill-life painting from the dinning room brought $5500.00, also from the dinning room was a chandelier with a pair of matching wall sconces in leaded glass brought $2500.00! This estate also exceeded our original estimate!

The Berger Estate: Dr. Berger lived in one of Staten Island’s last Victorian homes. His travels around the world helping others is seen though his collections. This 4 floor Victorian home was jam-packed with quality furniture, glassware, sterling silver & unusual artifacts from around the world! Dr. Berger in his spare time loved model railroads! His entire walk-in attic was a set-up of model trains. It was like going to his own little country with the set-up he had. Some of the highlights from this estate were; a banded mahogany dinning room set containing a table, 6 chairs, sideboard and a pair of corner cabinets sold for an impressive $8750.00 well over it's estimate of $3000.00-$5000.00, Gorham sterling silver tea set bringing $2500.00, a Steuben bird for $1500.00, a pair of bronze figural lamps for $1300.00, This estate also sold for well over it's original estiment!

The Katko Native American Indian Collection: This collection of over 1500 Artifacts was dug-up over a 10-year period from the local area. This collection has been documented and is mostly from the Lenape Indians. Large selection of quality arrow heads, scrapers, knife sharpeners, blades & knives, pipes, axes, drills, Celts, rubbing stone, thumb Protector from bow, bow weights, pottery pieces, plus artifacts such as, teeth, fossils, Civil war button, musket balls, some coins, plus more!

Rose Zawid’s Restaurant Collection: Atlantic City's, NJ premier Kosher Restaurant was located only several houses from the boardwalk for over the past 40 years! Her home-like setting packed with quality antiques floor to ceiling made for a memorabilia dinning experience! Rose collected fine porcelain & quality glassware! Over 800 pieces were sold from her collection!

Private Stangl Collection: This collection consisted over well over 1500 pieces of Stangl from birds, lamps, dinnerware, sample plates, vases, if Stangl made it, we had it! This collection brought in buyers from all over the United States! Highlights included a rare Cockatoo figurine bringing over $700.00!

The Dadio Estate: One of the nicest collections of Cranberry Glass, Ruby Glass, and French furniture grossing over $50,000

The John J. Hill Train Collection: This collection was 250+ sets as-well-as 300+ cars, engines, and accessories. This collection was left to St. Joseph’s Church, in Maplewood, NJ. We were commissioned by the church to sell the collection for them grossing over $30,000

The Assina Barber Shop collection: This collection of barbershop memorabilia was sold last year at our auction.  This collection consisted of barbers chairs, razors, and many Victorian occupational mugs ranging from $25-$400 and up!

The Crona estate featuring a large Hummel Collection: This estate consisted of several nice Victorian pieces of furniture including a cylinder desk realizing $1800. A early oak seed cabinet 15 feet long for $1800 and a collection of 100+ Hummels ranging form $35-$200+.

The Kronsder Doll Collection: This collection of dolls was sold in 2 separate auctions. One sale was over 6 years ago and the better half of her collection was just sold this year! French to German 19C bisque dolls ranging from $100-$500+.

The Fleetham Estate: This estate of 19C furniture and primitives was an outstanding sale. Mrs. Fleetham collected over the years the best of the best. This Collection brought over $15,000.

The Harab frog collection. This collection of over 50,000 frogs took over 3 years to sell! When we first went to his house you could not even walk to the bathroom without stepping on a frog! However Thousands of dollars later and about 500 tubs later problem solved with a happy consignor!


Set of 4 Federal Chairs $4500.00



Morell & Seddon England 1828 Oval Table $27,000.00


Daguerreotype photo in leather case $1400.00



Daguerreotype photo in a leather case $1600.00


6 Daguerreotype photos in a full plate case $950.00


EH Pohl San Diego CA Oil on Canvas $5250.00


19th Century unsigned American School Painting $6500.00



Antique room size hand made rug $4500.00

 19C German Indian Bowling game sold for $18,000.00


 Lyon & Healy harp $12,000.00


1960's Gibson Guitar Sold for $5650.00 


  Victorian Bookcase Sold for $6500

 Craftsman Mission Table $1500

 Gustav Stickley Cabinet $3600



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