July 18, 2019 Single Owner Collection Toys, Autographs, Movie Posters & Sports!

July 18, 2019 Single Owner Collection Toys, Autographs, Movie Posters & Sports!

Location: 97 Sunfield Ave. Edison, NJ The New Jersey Convention & Expo Center Date: July 18, 2019

Over 1000+ Lots from a single Owner Collection with NO ADDITIONS!

Over 2000 Autographs:

Over 300+ Toys including Monster Kits, Monster Models, Marx Play Sets, 1050’s -1990’s Toys!

Over 200 Movie Posters!

Collection of 1950’s Nude Photos to Present with Autographs!

Over 300+ Lots of Sports Items including a Huge Collection of 1950’s-1980’s Autographed Cards


Single Owner Toy Collection! No Additions Will Be Added!

July 18, 2019: 2500+ Lots Multi-Estate Public Auction

3-Ring Auction Most of the Day!

Sale Day doors open 9:00am

at the New Jersey Convention & Expo Center

97 Sunfield Ave., Edison, NJ

Box-lot/Table Lot Sale begins at 11:00am

Toy Sale 11:05am

Costume Jewelry Sale 3:00pm

Main Auction of Glassware, Antiques, and Smalls 3:00pm

Purses/Clothing 4:00

Furniture Begins at 5:00pm

Fine Jewelry 5:30pm


Our toy auction this month will feature a single owner collection of quality Toys from the 1950’s to the 1980’s, 1000+ autographs, Movie Posters, Lobby cards and Sport Items! We will begin the sale with his toy collection featuring 20+ Marx play sets from the 19050’s all complete with boxes including Fighting Knights play set, Cape Kennedy playset, International Jetport, Robin Hood Castle Set, Alamo playset, Fort Apache play set, Galaxy Command playset, Fort Apache Stockade playset, US Armed Forces playset, plus much more! Tons of bagged toy soldiers and playset accessories, White House playset, collection of Marx figurines including many mounted horse figurines, Roy Roger, Dale Evans, George Washington plus others, collection of nice board games, nice electronic games, collection of Action figures, Corgi movie & TV show toys autographed by the actors, nice model kits, TV show board games, US Army Training center playset, Fascinating Electronic tin Freeway toy, selection of tin car playsets, GI Joe, Man From Uncle, Halloween costumes, nice selection of Beatles Toys, Super Circus playset, Western Ranch playset, Lone Ranger playset, huge collection of Monster model kits, Monster Model kits mint in boxes, rare complete monster model kits put together, Frankenstein, the Mummy, King Kong, Godzilla, plus much more! Aurora model kits, Polar Lights kits, Bride of Frankenstein, Movie related action figures, Star Wars, WWF & WWE figures, King Kong, the Witch, the Munsters, Dracula, comic books & comic related toys, Vintage Star Wars and the list goes on!


We will then move into Movie Posters, Sports & Autographs. This collection has well over 1000+ autographs! According to the wife of the estate, her husband used to hit all the Comic Cons & Movie Conventions you can think of. She also noted that he would write to 15 actors a day requesting autographs from them. Over the course of 20 years of collecting come an unreal selection of signed photos, signed sports cards and letters from the actors. Movie Posters to include: Collection of foreign film classics & horror related movies, Frankenstein movie poster, Lou Costello films, Charlie Chaplin, Marlin Monroe, selection of 1940’s and 1950’s movie posters, full run lobby cards, huge collection of autographed records, huge collection of quality rock & roll records, nice Beatles record collection including picture records, vintage wrestling posters, rock and roll posters and advertising standees, huge collection of pin-ups and porn star photos & autographs, Marilyn Monroe collectibles, Bonnie & Clyde uncut advertisement, 3-sheet movie posters, “B” rate horror movie posters, Cult Movie posters, Deep Throat movie poster autographed, Little Rascals lobby cards autographed, Georgia Peaches baseball players autographs, tons of 1930’s-1950’s movie star cards and photo albums, autographed Sopranos items, canceled checks from movie stars, Mr. Rodgers autograph, Donald Trump & Marla Maples autographs, monster movie lobby cards, 300+ actor signed autographs photos, Sport items to include a huge amount of 1950’s-1970’s baseball, football, basketball and all other sports cards. Rare sport cards, nice early tobacco cards, over 400+ cards signed by the athlete, Michal Jordan, Larry Bird, all the greats from the 1960’s-1990’s, early sports programs, nice collection of New York Yankees & New York Mets programs, collection of New York teams, nice collection of signed autograph bats & balls, 1970’s blacklight baseball poster, collection of early pennants, autographs of Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, and other key players, autograph of the baseball commissioner, autographs of the original Rockford Peace team, framed autographed plaques, vintage baseball collectibles, nice collection of early Hartland boxed baseball figurines, early football programs, nice collection of Sports Illustrate, plus much more! Huge collection of Playboy Bunny autographs, porn star autographs, 1950’s pin-up girl autographs, collection of Playboy magazines, selection of porn movie posters, huge selection of nude autograph photos of Vanna White, plus much more!


This is a lifetime collection but together singlehandedly by the collector one by one from each star! Over 1000+ Autographs and Letters from the Stars!


Great Collection DO NOT MISS THIS SALE!

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