Holiday Toy Drive

For the third year in a row, Bodnar’s Auction Sales is partnering with the Bayard Street Presbyterian Church in New Brunswick, NJ for their annual Toy Drive to give toys to the underprivileged children in their neighborhood. In the first two years, Bodnar’s Auction and the Bayard Street Church saw this event as a huge success and had many more children come through then either could expect.


In the winter of 2017 over 200 children waited outside, in the cold for over 2 hours just to receive one toy each. In those two hours they waited it was extremely cold, and a steady rain came down on them. Not one of them moved from their spot. This struck everyone form the auction and the church alike that this was something that was not just a need, but something to uplift a community that has very little in the way of luxuries. They all believed that this little event had an impact on a community living in what can only be described as survival mode. It gave them more than the necessities, it gave them the one thing the Christmas season is all about, hope.


So, the next year they doubled their efforts. Many more volunteers joined forces to make this event a success. Young men and women from the Piscataway Vocational and Technical High School showed up the night before to personally wrap each of the presents, and other churches that use the Bayard Street Presbyterian Church as a meeting space all came to help organize as now over 300 children and their parents all filed into the church. It became standing room only as the event got underway.


This year, Bodnar’s Auction and the Bayard Street Presbyterian Church cannot even guess as to how many children will show up. Each year the event has grown in size, so it is anybody’s guess what will happen now. This event is such a huge success due to al of the generous contributions given by members of the church, friends and customers of Bodnar’s Auction Sales, and each and every volunteer. So, we are asking you again this year to reach into your heart and help us make this event a success again. Please consider giving a new, unopened toy for us to give out to all of the children who get very little, or even nothing on a day we all sit down with our families and give to one another generously. Toys can be dropped at Bodnar’s Auction Sales at 97 Sunfield Ave, Edison, NJ on December 7th or on December 16th – 19th. Toys can also be dropped at the Bayard Street Presbyterian Church at 107 Bayard Street, New Brunswick, NJ but please call first to see if someone is at the church to accept your donation. If you do not have time to shop, we will gladly do it for you. You can drop any checks to the same locations as above, or you can use your GoFundMe link at bodnar039s-auction-holiday-toy-drive. Thank you!


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