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Sell, Bid and Win with Confidence
Years of experience in the industry has allowed Bodnar’s Auction to build a network of masterful auctioneers who have the ability to recognize value in an array of unwanted items that have often been undervalued. There’s no excitement in getting rid of your belongings without deciphering whether or not it’s actually worth something. If you’re unsure, visit our monthly consignment auction and find out for yourself!

The Largest Auction House in New Jersey

Auction House in New JerseyNo matter how big, small or undervalued, chances are high that we at Bodnar’s Auction can get an item into the hands of a buyer, instantly making it their most prized possession. Don’t believe us? Bring your unwanted items to Bodnar’s Auction and see for yourself! With over 5,000 items at each sale, Bodnar’s Auction has become the largest auction house in Central New Jersey.

The Auctioneering Experts

Our seasoned auctioneers have years of experience. Not only is our team well-versed in working at auction houses, but many of them are life-long collectors who are experts in valuing antiques, collectables, jewelry, cars, furniture, and more. The auctioneers at Bodnar’s have a unique ability to see worth in undervalued items, especially for antique toy auctions. With knowledge of numerous industries and a keen eye for detail, you can feel confident in their valuation of anything you’re hoping to sell.

Every team member at Bodnar’s Auction is knowledgeable in their respective field. Whether their specialty lies in art, jewelry, toys, homes, cars, or sports memorabilia, the goal of our team is to gain an in-depth understanding of each personal item, value it, and help possible buyers see its potential. Next time someone asks you, “Where should I auction my items,” you’ll know exactly which NJ auctioneers to send them to!

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What Sells At Auctions
At Bodnar’s Auction, we sell an array of items from antiques, cars, homes, furniture, toys, clothes, kitchenware, coins, and MUCH more. Not only do we sell a massive variety of individual miscellaneous items, but we often sell sets of valuable collectables at our auctions as well. These sets have become a staple in the auction industry, which is why we have special events each year to showcase various collectables. A few times a year, we hold special collectable toy auctions as well as antique auctions that attract local and distant buyers and sellers — not only from NJ, but from all across the country.

Why I Should Auction My Items
Most people get rid of unwanted items by throwing them in storage where they collect dust, hosting a garage sale, or simply tossing them in the garbage — any of which are truly a disservice to you and a potential buyer. A local auction house like Bodnar’s Auction in NJ offers much-needed resources to individuals who would like to get rid of old, unwanted items.

What is a Consignment Auction
Whether you wish to sell your items through a traditional or consignment auction, Bodnar’s Auction offers the best options to cater to your needs. A consignment auction is a great way to earn extra cash on items you haven’t been able to sell. At Bodnar’s Auction, we will use all of the necessary tools and strategies to sell your most valuable items to a range of potential buyers. After all the items up for bid are sold, we will take a small percentage of total sales as commission, and give you the remainder of the balance. Since auctioning your items nearly guarantees that everything is sold, consignment auctions have the opportunity to greatly maximize your return.

Come Join Us Each Month!
Whether you’re looking for a traditional, consignment, or home liquidation auction, Bodnar’s does it all! Held at the NJ Convention & Expo Center once a month on a Thursday, we are one of the largest local auctions in New Jersey — selling over 5,000 items at each sale! For further inquiries, call us at 1-866-349-7378 or fill out a contact form.

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Upcoming Auctions

Once a month we hold our renowned New Jersey auction, attracting prospective buyers and sellers from far and near. Stay up-to-date on all of our upcoming events. Be sure to check out our exclusive product assortment and bid on all the unwanted, invaluable treasures you set your eyes on.

July 18, 2019 Public Multi-Estate Auction

Location: 97 Sunfield Ave. Edison, NJ The New Jersey Convention & Expo Center Date: July 18, 2019

2500+ Lots Antiques & Collectibles! Details will be posted soon!

View Details & Gallery
July 18, 2019 Single Owner Collection Toys, Autographs, Movie Posters & Sports!

Location: 97 Sunfield Ave. Edison, NJ The New Jersey Convention & Expo Center Date: July 18, 2019

Over 1000+ Lots from a single Owner Collection with NO ADDITIONS! Over 2000 Autographs: Over 300+ Toys including Monster Kits, Monster Models, Marx Play Sets, 1050’s -1990’s Toys! Over 200 Movie Posters! Collection of 1950’s Nude Photos to Present with Autographs! Over 300+ Lots of Sports Items including a Huge Collection of 1950’s-1980’s Autographed Cards

View Details & Gallery
July 27, 2019 Multi Estate Public Auction

Location: 97 Sunfield Ave. Edison, NJ The New Jersey Convention & Expo Center Date: July 27, 2019

2500+ Lots of Antiques & Collectibles! Full Details will be posted soon!

View Details & Gallery
August 15, 2019 Multi-Estate Public Auction

Location: 97 Sunfield Ave. Edison, NJ The New Jersey Convention & Expo Center Date: August 15, 2019

2500+ Lots Multi-Estate Public Auction! Details Will Be Posted Soon!

View Details & Gallery

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