How to Prepare for an Online Auction

Online auctions are a great alternative to in-person events, as they allow you to find unique collectibles from the comfort of your own home! However, if you’ve never participated in a virtual auction and want to try it out, then it’s best to prepare beforehand. While some things stay the same, there are many differences […]

The Smart Buyer’s Guide to Winning an Auction

Welcome to the world of auctions, where the thrill of the bid is matched only by the joy of snagging that much-coveted item at a great price. Bodnar’s Auction, based in the heart of New Brunswick, NJ, stands out as a premier destination for both seasoned collectors and novices alike. Specializing in online auctions, antiques, […]

Take the Fear Out of Bidding at an Online Auction

Welcome to Bodnar’s Auctions, where the past meets the present through the digital lens of online auctions. Located in the heart of South Brunswick, New Jersey, we are not just an auction house but a gateway to rediscovering history, one bid at a time. Our expertise in antiques, collectibles, and estate liquidation or estate management […]

Rare Opportunity to Acquire Renowned Artist Glen Fortune Banse’s Personal Collection at Exclusive Auction

[Monmouth Junction, NJ] – Art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide are set to witness a once-in-a-lifetime event as the highly-anticipated auction of artist Glen Fortune Banse’s personal collection slated for online bidding on February 14. Renowned for his striking, thought-provoking works that have captivated audiences for decades, Banse’s collection represents a unique opportunity to acquire pieces […]

Building a Collection: Strategies for Aspiring Antique Collectors

In today’s digital age, the realm of antique collecting has flourished. With a fusion of historical significance and market demand, there has never been a better time to start building an antique collection. Here at Bodnar’s Auctions, we’re not only passionate about antiques but also about guiding you in developing the perfect antique collection. Whether […]

Bodnar’s Auction Kevin Smith Comic Art Sale Delivers Unprecedented Success on September 27

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Bodnar’s Auction Kevin Smith Comic Art Sale Delivers Unprecedented Success on September 27 Monmouth Junction, NJ October 10, 2023 – Bodnar’s Auction House is thrilled to announce the resounding success of the highly anticipated Kevin Smith Comic Art Sale, held on September 27, 2023. The auction, curated in collaboration with filmmaker […]

Discover the Magic of Redecorating with Antiques: A Guide to Auction Shopping

Have you ever dreamed of transforming your home into a magical palace with vintage furniture and antique accents? Imagine bringing the classic styles of bygone eras to life in your living room or bedroom. With auctions, you can do just that! Auctions are full of unique antiques—the perfect way to discover the magic of redecorating […]

Check Out Some of Our Upcoming Auctions to Open the Summer!

Get in on the action with Bodnar’s Auction and start the summer off right! We’re ending spring and opening summer up the proper way with fantastic sports autographs for auction on May 25 and toys for all generations on June 8, 2023. Both of these online-only and live broadcast events promise to be spectacular and […]

4 Reasons to Sell Your Antique Jewelry With an Auction House

Did you recently inherit vintage pieces of jewelry from a relative and have no use for them? Is your jewelry box bursting at the seams with necklaces, bracelets, and earrings you haven’t worn in years? While you don’t necessarily want to wear these pieces again, you recognize their value and don’t want to toss them […]

The Most Valuable Types of Collectibles You Should Consider Selling

Your mom held onto your old toys for the sake of memories, and now these playthings are collecting dust in the attic. While you may have been annoyed at first that she didn’t just throw them away, you now realize that having access to these vintage toys, comic books, and stamp collections may actually be […]

I Inherited a Hoarder House — What Should I Do With All the Stuff?

Inheriting a home comes with a great deal of responsibility, especially if that house belonged to a hoarder. Now, on top of deciding if you will keep or sell the house, you need to devise a plan for all the stuff covering every surface. It can be tempting to hire a junk removal company and […]

How to Determine the Value of Your Antique Toys

Whether you’re a collector on the hunt for rare vintage toys or simply have a box of old Beanie Babies and Hot Wheels in your attic, you’re likely curious to know how you can determine if the toy you’re looking at is worth anything. The best way to figure out what your collectible is worth […]

The Top Myths About Online Auctions Debunked

Do you love the thrill of seeking out vintage comic books, antique furniture pieces, or other items you can find at auctions? Whether you’re an old hand at bidding at auctions or you’re just curious about them, it’s never been easier to get the experience of an auction from the comfort of your couch as […]

Bodnar’s to Auction the History of NJ Dairies

On a September day in 2021, Auctioneer Joseph Bodnar and his crew drove into a quiet neighborhood in Long Branch, NJ, and walked up to the door to pick up items that Mark Conover Sr. had spent his lifetime collecting. Although Joe had seen the collection, his crew had no idea what they were about […]

Tips for Beginning Your Collection of Vintage Comic Books

If you love to read comic books, you’re in good company. Millions of people around the United States (and the world!) love flipping through the colorful adventures of their favorite superheroes and other characters. But did you know there’s even more value to be found in vintage comic books? When you start a vintage comic […]

What’s the Difference Between Antique, Vintage, and Collectible Items?

If you love to visit auction houses, antique shops, estate sales, thrift stores, or flea markets, you’re in good company. Antiques, vintage items, and collectibles are fun and interesting to buy and sell, no matter if you’re a history buff, a bargain hunter, a fan of old-timey fashion, or almost anyone else! Many people find […]

May the Force Be With You: Star Wars Action Figures for Sale on Oct. 7

Toy and comic book buyers in NJ have enjoyed participating in Bodnar’s auctions for several years, and now we’re having one of our biggest auctions dedicated to Star Wars action figures. If you’re a fan of this iconic movie franchise, you do not want to miss out on the opportunity to build your collection of […]

Gotta Catch ‘Em All!: These Rare Pokémon Cards Could Make You a Fortune

Pokémon cards have been popular since they first debuted. While you may affectionately remember playing cards with your friends — or you are a parent of a Pokémon card enthusiast — a collection could fetch serious money at auction. Many rare, collectible, and valuable cards were readily available during their first print run. Decades later, […]

Buyer Tips for Online Auctions

Online auctions have been building in popularity for many years. What was once a small niche of the estate and auction market has now become a cornerstone of many successful auction companies like Bodnar’s Auctions. From coins and collectibles to antique toys and comic books, we have all sorts of high-quality items available at our […]

What Is My Comic Book Worth?

When trying to determine the value of an old comic book, the comic industry can be intimidating and sometimes frustrating. With collector standards, changes in popularity, and condition requirements, there is a bevy of information needed to accurately determine the value of your comic books.

How to Start Buying Antiques at Auctions

If you are an antique collector, you can get great one-off pieces at auctions. However, we all know that auction buying can be intimidating, and getting the best antique deals needs a solid strategy.

Magic the Gathering Collection Sells for over $600,000.00 at Bodnar’s Auction!

On February 18, 2021 Bodnar’s Auction sold 414 lots of a single owner estate collection of Magic the Gather cards for just over $600,000.00, making it one of the best grossing single owner collections in Bodnar’s 29 years of conducting auctions. When the collection came into the auction firm, Bodnar’s knew right from the get […]

A Guide To Diecast Cars: Determining Value and Tips

Introduction to Diecast Cars Diecast cars are the epitome of nostalgia. Many adults can look back at their childhood fondly and remember their budding collection of diecast cars. For some people, diecast cars are a hobby that stays in childhood. Still, for car enthusiasts and collectors alike, it’s a heartwarming pastime full of options and […]

The Implosion of Trump Plaza for Charity

Atlantic City has been an entertainment destination for residents all along the East Coast, and as a tourist attraction, this place has built a unique and diverse history. As the city continues to develop into the 21st century, room must be made for new and exciting businesses and community endeavors. That is why, after 36 […]

Bodnar’s Auction House: Your One-Stop-Shop For Magic: The Gathering Card Auctions

Since its commercial release in 1993, Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has mostly avoided the mainstream spotlight while still maintaining its success among die-hard fans. Created at the University of Pennsylvania by mathematician Richard Garfield, the trading card game has gone through multiple iterations and evolutions since its original release—this is a big part of what […]

Estate Auctions vs. Estate Sale: How Online Bids Can Increase Items Sold

The concept of an estate sale sounds relatively straightforward: some or all of an individual or family’s possessions are sold off after the individual dies or the family moves away. While many people have at least some degree of personal experience with this type of work through yard and garage sales, dealing with an estate […]

Is Auctioning Property You’ve Inherited a Good Idea?

As a team of local estate liquidators in New Jersey, Bodnar’s Auction understands that inheriting a house from a deceased loved one can be considered an advantageous opportunity or a challenging inconvenience. For instance, you likely have plenty of items within the home that you may not know what to do with, and it can […]

What Happens to a Loved One’s Belongings After They Die?

When a loved one, such as a parent or grandparent, passes away, they usually leave behind much more than their legacy and memories. As if the grieving process isn’t challenging enough, there’s another concern that may require timely action: “What happens to their stuff?”.

Can You Withdraw an Auction Bid?

“I have $80,00, who will give $90.00?” What should’ve been an exhilarating experience has just caused you to feel uneasy and doubtful. Is it too late to withdraw my bid? you ask. There are many different rules and guidelines in auctions, and it’s important to understand what they are before placing a bid. Once you […]

How Do You Bid at Auctions?

Whether you want to add to your vintage toy collection or are looking for something mid-century modern at an auction in NJ, Bodnar’s Auction is the destination for you. You may not be a seasoned bidder, and that’s okay. We’re here to tell you what you can expect.

Auctions: What I Should Sell & How Does it Work?

How Do Auctions Work for the Seller? When selling your items at an auction, you should expect one of four things to happen: your items will be sold for what you expected, for more than you expected, for less than you expected, or they might not sell at all. When you take your items to […]

274 Comic Books Gross Over Six Figures at Bodnar’s June 20, 2019 Auction

Throughout the years, Bodnar’s Auction has been fortunate enough to host some pretty fantastic vintage toy auctions here in New Jersey, but our sale on June 20th was one for the ages. In fact, it could be considered one of the greatest single-owner comic book auctions in recent history!  We welcomed a standing-room-only crowd of […]

Bodnar’s Auction Offers Rare Gem for Spider-Man Fans Everywhere

As a leading antique auction house in New Jersey, Bodnar’s Auction is proud to offer truly unique, once-in-a-lifetime items, and comic book collectors know that when they attend one of our sales, they’re in for a real treat. That’s definitely the case at our June 20 event, which will include the Silver Age of Comic […]

A Re-Release Collection Only at Bodnar’s Auction

On March 28, 2019, toys will be taking over Bodnar’s Auction Sales in Edison, NJ. From a Maryland estate comes a large, single-owner collection of re-released toys from the 1970s and 1980s that will cross the auction block in NJ. It was a labor of love collected by a gentleman over the last few years, […]

Reasons to Buy Your Next Car at an Auction

After lots of bidding, you finally procured that vintage armoire you’ve had your eye on since you entered the building. Next, you purchase some antique rugs, jewelry, electronics, and even large furniture — perhaps you’re considering buying a vehicle, too. Purchasing a car at an auction is a wise investment. When we sell a car […]

Toys Become a Staple at Bodnar’s Auction

In the past few years, Bodnar’s Auction, a local auction in NJ, has grown in both size and quality. Nowhere else is this as apparent as in the toy sale. It has grown from a few tables at each sale to over 20 tables at each sale filled with comic books, early transformers in the […]

5 Reasons Why Holding an Auction Is the Best Option

Whether it’s an antique, a one-of-a-kind piece, or our most prized possession, we assign a value to the things we believe are most important to us. At one point or another, we learn to part ways with our belongings, but it’s how we let go that determines the real value we see in our possessions. […]

Reasons to Choose Auctioning over an Estate Sale

In the process of choosing between an auction or an estate sale? We can share some facts that will help you make the right decision. When choosing between an auction and an estate sale, the real goal is to go with the option that works best for you, your family, and your particular situation. As […]

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Kim F.

I would like to thank you for including me in your online sale.
Everything from none contact drop off, to none contact pick up, was handled with the outmost professionalism.
I appreciated your clear communication after the sale with a printout and an explanation of when I’ll receive my check.
Overall I was very please with the prices my jewelry achieved, some lot  went for less then I expected, others went for more, it’s all in the average.

Thank you very much

Michal F.

I come to your auctions often. You and your staff are great. Your change to an online auction on 4/9 is just another testament to your fine character and being thoughtful of others. The items are great no doubt, but a big reason I keep coming back is due to the culture you have created. Thank you. Art

Art F.

Thank You Joe! We Had a Very Good Experience With Your Team! 8/15/19

Carry G.

Sold in July 18, 2019 sale and Overall Pleased!

Frank D.

I received the proceeds from the Auction and wanted to again thank you and your team.  Everything went so smoothly and you all did such a great job from start to finish.This was an overwhelming experience for me and you made everything so easy.  I have been recommending you to everyone!

Thank you again for helping me; your kindness was very much appreciated.

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Five Stars!

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Great deals and great company

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Love this service! Great deals if you know what to look for!

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As I said once before, Wonderful People Work here. Thanks too all for your constant help. One Huge Look Auction!

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