5 Reasons Why Holding an Auction Is the Best Option

Whether it’s an antique, a one-of-a-kind piece, or our most prized possession, we assign a value to the things we believe are most important to us. At one point or another, we learn to part ways with our belongings, but it’s how we let go that determines the real value we see in our possessions. Rather than throwing away items that we no longer need or use, selling them at an auction allows us to witness their value first-hand. Bodnar’s Auction< offers the widest variety of items in Central New Jersey. Having been in business for 24 years, we know that our knowledgeable, trained staff are able to help you, whether you’re buying or selling. We don’t all see the same value in everything, which is why selling items at an auction allows you to let others find value in the things you may have thought to be worthless. Going to an auction to either sell or buy items has become immensely popular over the years. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The process is quick, and there is a high turnaround
    An auction is held and completed at a set time.
  2. You are in control
    The auction firm will work with you while you set the time and location of your sale.
  3. No negotiations
    Buyers understand that there is no debate or haggling over a price of merchandise.
  4. Efficiency of process
    Every item at an auction goes up for bid, and every item is sold.
  5. The economy has no impact
    Whether the economy is up or down, people don’t shy away from a great deal.

Not only do people flock towards a good deal, but the excitement also motivates them. According to a study commissioned by the National Auctioneers Association,

  1. 83% of people believe buying at an auction is an exciting way to get good deals.
  2. 51% of people believe they offer great value on items.
  3. 65% of people believe auctions sell exciting items that they wouldn’t purchase otherwise.
  4. 53% of people enjoy the excitement of knowing they are getting a great price.

If you are searching for a quick and efficient way to sell your items, or purchase items at a reasonable price, Bodnar’s Auction is the smartest option. The professional staff at Bodnar’s Auction has extensive experience in the antiques and collectibles industry. Contact us today to discover our upcoming auctions.

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Thank You Joe! We Had a Very Good Experience With Your Team! 8/15/19

Carry G.

Sold in July 18, 2019 sale and Overall Pleased!

Frank D.

I received the proceeds from the Auction and wanted to again thank you and your team.  Everything went so smoothly and you all did such a great job from start to finish.This was an overwhelming experience for me and you made everything so easy.  I have been recommending you to everyone!

Thank you again for helping me; your kindness was very much appreciated.

Debbie B

Five Stars!

Samuel P.

Great deals and great company

Armand P.

Love this service! Great deals if you know what to look for!

Anthony D.

As I said once before, Wonderful People Work here. Thanks too all for your constant help. One Huge Look Auction!

Michael L.

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