Estate Auctions vs. Estate Sale: How Online Bids Can Increase Items Sold

The concept of an estate sale sounds relatively straightforward: some or all of an individual or family’s possessions are sold off after the individual dies or the family moves away. While many people have at least some degree of personal experience with this type of work through yard and garage sales, dealing with an estate sale can be much more complex; in fact, it’s quite easy to get in over your head. 

Estate sales often have a lot at stake, and rarer or more valuable items being sold must often stand up to intense scrutiny from buyers who want to make sure what they’re buying is authentic. When it comes to organizing estate sales and home liquidation auctions, the work is often more complicated than expected, and many people get in over their heads when planning them. The death of a family member can already be a hectic time, and with so much on the line, it’s no wonder that so many people in New Jersey have been turning to professional estate auction services for better results and less stress. If you have a home liquidation or estate auction to plan, there are several reasons why you should consider leaving it to the pros at Bodnar’s Auction: 

Built-in Customers  

Trust is vital when it comes to buying and selling valuable property. If you have antiques, vintage toys, or art as part of your estate, the condition and authenticity of these items will play a significant role in determining their price. Many of the people who buy these items want to make sure they are authentic before making an offer, and will not even consider purchasing an item that they can’t verify.  

If you’re trying to sell antiques yourself via eBay or some similar tool, you lose recognition, and therefore the trust of many prospective buyers. At Bodnar’s Auction, we have repeat clients who bid with confidence on the rare and vintage items being sold at our auctions because they know our goods are verified. People are far more likely to pay more for a rare item if they know it’s coming from a trusted source. 

Unmatched Expertise  

Running estate sales requires more than just a knowledge of the estate itself. Whoever is in charge needs to know how to organize and set up the sale to attract customers. Items need to be sorted, catalogued, and then properly packed and shipped once they’re sold. Some experience is also needed to identify and filter out any scam buyers who may come after your valuable items.  

Trying to take on all of this responsibility yourself can seem impossible, especially if you’re also busy dealing with work and family life. By enlisting the help of a professional estate auction service, you can make sure that listing, packing, and shipping are all done correctly and prevent mistakes from impacting your sales. 

Less Stress for You 

The passing of a loved one is a stressful enough time when you don’t have an estate sale to worry about, but trying to plan an auction properly while simultaneously taking care of funeral planning, family travel, and everything else can be overwhelming. By hiring a professional auction service to find buyers and safely and properly move rare items, you can make sure that you get the best deals possible while also giving yourself less to worry about. With the estate sale taken care of, you can focus more on your family and other crucial aspects during this period. 

Contact Bodnar’s Auction today to learn more about estate auction services and collectibles sales in Central New Jersey. 

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I’m happy with everything Joe and Janet did, you were both informative and were very helpful with the questions I had being that I was never in that position before. Janet’s response time was also positive for me. It was interesting to watch the auction live. I thought you did an amazing job and had a nice banter back and forth. You seem to be a good team! Thank you for all your hard work and making this difficult time of letting  my deceased father’s collectibles go an easy experience.

Kim F.

I would like to thank you for including me in your online sale.
Everything from none contact drop off, to none contact pick up, was handled with the outmost professionalism.
I appreciated your clear communication after the sale with a printout and an explanation of when I’ll receive my check.
Overall I was very please with the prices my jewelry achieved, some lot  went for less then I expected, others went for more, it’s all in the average.

Thank you very much

Michal F.

I come to your auctions often. You and your staff are great. Your change to an online auction on 4/9 is just another testament to your fine character and being thoughtful of others. The items are great no doubt, but a big reason I keep coming back is due to the culture you have created. Thank you. Art

Art F.

Thank You Joe! We Had a Very Good Experience With Your Team! 8/15/19

Carry G.

Sold in July 18, 2019 sale and Overall Pleased!

Frank D.

I received the proceeds from the Auction and wanted to again thank you and your team.  Everything went so smoothly and you all did such a great job from start to finish.This was an overwhelming experience for me and you made everything so easy.  I have been recommending you to everyone!

Thank you again for helping me; your kindness was very much appreciated.

Debbie B

Five Stars!

Samuel P.

Great deals and great company

Armand P.

Love this service! Great deals if you know what to look for!

Anthony D.

As I said once before, Wonderful People Work here. Thanks too all for your constant help. One Huge Look Auction!

Michael L.

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