Make the Most of Your Unwanted Items: Why You Should Sell These 3 Things at an Auction

Have you ever thrown away unwanted items and wondered if you could have made some extra money off of them? The best way to get a return on your items is to sell it an at auction. Bodnar’s Auction is central New Jersey’s largest auction house, attracting a wide range of buyers from all walks of life at every event. If you want to sell your items at a place that will be seen by many, then Bodnar’s Auction is your best option. You won’t find such high foot traffic at an ordinary garage sale, that’s for sure!



It’s not uncommon for people to have a stockpile of unwanted items that they’re not sure what to do with. Many people have been turning to auctions as a way to sell their possessions. Auction your items in NJ at a place that holds over 5,000 items at each event. With the amount of items at Bodnar’s Auction, there’s virtually nothing that we don’t sell — even items that people may find invaluable.

Here are three items you should sell at an auction:


No matter what time of year it is, one of the most popular items to shop for is clothing. With the fashion industry constantly evolving, styles change as quick as the seasons. Chances are, if you have clothes in your closet that you don’t wear, it’s probably because you’ve moved on to something new. However, there will always be someone interested in your apparel, even if you’re not. Whether you have new, old, or vintage clothing, selling them at Bodnar’s Auction is the best way to get a return on your unwanted threads.


The auction market is packed with fine jewelry, with people from all over making their way to search for fashionable, unique pieces. If that necklace you’ve had for years no longer brings you joy, sell it at Bodnar’s Auction and give someone else the opportunity to appreciate it. What you deem worthless might be valuable to someone else!


As the years go by, your furniture will experience a good amount of wear. Selling your used furniture at an auction will not only allow you to create space for new pieces, but it’s the easiest and quickest way to put money back into your wallet. Brand new furniture can be very costly, so buying at auction is a great alternative for finding unique pieces at bargain prices.


If any of your above items are collecting dust in storage, then bring them to Bodnar’s Auction and give them a new home. Visit our website to stay current on our upcoming consignment auctions in NJ. For questions and inquiries, please call us at 1-732-210-6388.

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I received the proceeds from the Auction and wanted to again thank you and your team.  Everything went so smoothly and you all did such a great job from start to finish.This was an overwhelming experience for me and you made everything so easy.  I have been recommending you to everyone!

Thank you again for helping me; your kindness was very much appreciated.

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