The Most Valuable Types of Collectibles You Should Consider Selling

Your mom held onto your old toys for the sake of memories, and now these playthings are collecting dust in the attic. While you may have been annoyed at first that she didn’t just throw them away, you now realize that having access to these vintage toys, comic books, and stamp collections may actually be in your favor. People have been collecting items for centuries, and your unwanted belongings could be exactly what someone is looking for to complete their collection. Before tossing your antique toys, rare coins, and sterling silver pieces in the trash, make sure they don’t fall into one of these categories for the most valuable collectibles.


Do you have toys still in their original packaging? Antique and collectible toys sell anywhere between a few hundred to thousands of dollars. For example, a 1963 G.I. Joe action figure sold for $20,000. Even if your toys are not still in the original packaging, you could still get a fair amount of cash for them. Many 1959 Barbie dolls are selling for $600 to $700 as long as they have their original clothing and are in fine condition. Before getting rid of them, determine the value of your antique toys by having them evaluated by a professional.


Comic books are one of the most valuable collectibles in the United States. If you have any rare or vintage comics in mint condition, people will be willing to pay thousands of dollars for them. A particular comic book, a copy of Detective Comics #27, sold for more than $1 million because it featured the first appearance of Batman. If you have any vintage or rare copies, consider selling them in local comic book auctions, where your items will get in front of the right audiences and sell for never-before-seen prices.


You spent hours in your grandfather’s basement, admiring his train collection. Now, it’s in your possession, and you want to share the joy you had as a kid with someone else. You can sell an old model train for anywhere from $100 to $10,000 depending on the train’s manufacturer, condition, rarity, features, and more.

Antique Pieces

Did you recently inherit home decor from your grandmother or great-aunt? These items could be worth more than you realize. Some of the most valuable collectibles include vintage clocks, record players, mid-20th-century furniture, movie posters, advertising signs, and historical memorabilia. Don’t discount your inherited items until you’ve had them evaluated.

Rare Coins

Did you think coin collecting was a thing of the past? Well, think again! Coin collectors are some of the world’s most enthusiastic collectors, and because of this, you can often sell your coin collection for more than the coins were originally worth. For example, a single 1849-S Barber dime sold for $1.99 million in 2016. Don’t sit on your gold and silver coins. Consider taking them to a reputable auction house to earn yourself a pretty penny.


A large stamp collection is impressive to look at, but if you’ve lost interest in collecting stamps, the pile of books can become cumbersome. The good news is that rare stamps in pristine condition are some of the most valuable collectibles out there. If you suspect you have a collection of stamps that collectors will want, head to your local auction house. 


Many antique collectors are interested in high-quality art pieces. One such underrated category for art collectibles is art glass. Vases and figurines from France, Europe, and America can sell for several hundred to several thousand dollars. The value of art glass depends on the marker, style, and time period. If the work has been signed, it is considered even more valuable.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver antiques are often worth thousands of dollars; even the most uncommon items can earn you big bucks when you sell. Don’t disregard your sterling flatware, barware, tea sets, or jewelry. You just may have a collector’s treasure trove on your hands.


Gold and silver jewelry are not just pieces used to complete your outfit. They can also be used to earn cash. Antique jewelry is a type of collectible that consistently fetches a high price. If you have necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings passed down to you by family members but never wear them, gather them together and take them to your local auction house. Each individual piece can quickly add up.

Sell Your Great Collections at Bodnar’s Auction

Do you suspect you possess some of the most valuable collectibles in the world? While this is an amazing and rare feat, it’s not impossible. Bring your antiques and collectables to Bodnar’s Auction, and our professionals will help you determine the value of your items. If you decide to sell, we can help you get the maximum return on your possession. For more information about selling your amazing collections with our auction house, contact our specialists today.

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